Scott and Alyx

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Our Story

We can't wait to celebrate our wedding with you in beautiful Boulder, Colorado in October 2019!

Alyx and Scott met in graduate school when they were both working toward a masters in Library Science. They had a class called "Organization of Information" together, but it would be another year and a half before they actually went on their first date.

Since then...
We've been on 18 trips out of Denver

Road tripped for more than 58 hours

Had 4 different homes

Flew more than 20,842 miles

Attended 9 weddings (and counting...)

Brunched at Snooze easily more than 30 times

Successfully made it through Ikea 6 times

Said I love you 5 billion times

Eaten 425,000,000 tacos (and counting...)
Anastasia Makarova